Welcome Assoc. Prof. Lei Chen from Wuhan University, China to be committee member!

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Assoc. Prof. Lei Chen, Wuhan University, China (click)

Research Area: Electrical Engineering and Automation

Research Experience:

Dr. Lei Chen has carried out the continuing study of superconducting fault current limiters (SFCLs) in electric power systems for decades. He has proposed the voltage-compensation-type active SFCL and flux-coupling-type SFCL. In terms of mechanism modelling, conceptual design, prototype test, etc., He has solved the fundamental and application issues of the proposed SFCLs in traditional power systems and renewable energy systems.


Dr. Lei Chen has conducted two projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, two sub-projects of the National Key Research and Development Program of China, and three provincial and ministerial projects. He has published 55 SCI-indexed papers, of which 29 papers as the first author or corresponding author. In addition, he has published 20 EI-indexed papers, of which 13 papers as the first author or corresponding author.


Dr. Lei Chen has been awarded the Best Paper Award and the Best Presentation Award at two IEEE conferences. He is currently an IEEE Senior Member and an Academic Editor/Associate Editor for PLoS One, IET Smart Grid and other International Journals. He was a session chair of International Conference on Applied Superconductivity and Electromagnetic Devices (ASEMD), and a Technical Committee Member of International Workshop on Communications and Smart Grid (IWCSG), and Asia Conference on Power and Electrical Engineering (ACPEE).

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