Welcome Dr. Morteza Sasani Ghamsari from Photonics & Quantum Technologies Research School of Iran to be committee member!

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Dr Morteza Sasani Ghamsari is a senior researcher in the Photonics & Quantum Technologies Research School of Iranian Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute. His research focused on the nanophotonics including metamaterials, quantum dots and plasmonic nanomaterials. His recent interests lie also on nano-bioimaging, 3D printing, nanostructures for tissue engineering (ZnO, TiO2,…) and biomaterials including carbon, graphene and diamond quantum dots. He is editorial board and reviewer of different international journals and has collaborated with some local and international academics/researchers on graduation of post-graduate students and research projects. He edited 3 books, published 3 chapter books and over 90 articles in scientific journals as well as in reviewed conference proceedings.

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