Welcome A.Prof. Dr. Halil Ibrahim from Gaziantep University, Turkey to be committee member!

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A.Prof. Dr. Halil Ibrahim, Gaziantep University, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Turkey (click)

Research Area: Al alloys, Al matrix composites, Hybrid, Nano-composite, Welding, Metallurgy, Casting. Soft computing.

Research Experience: 

In 2013, I obtained my PhD in Metal Training, specialized in Aluminum alloys. Thereafter, I serve as senior lecturer in Gaziantep University, Turkey. I actively lead a project funded by TUBITAK, Turkey. The projects are mostly related to Al matrix hybrid nano composites. I had published a lot of publications in international journals and conference proceedings.

Currently, I am one of editors in The International Journal of Materials and Engineering Technology (TIJMET), Turkey.

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